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Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. I pulled this off the internet some time ago and do not recall the source, but it is interesting information. I believe it was created from information gathered by law enforcement. Perhaps you can confirm the data from another source and use it for your blog. The link to their book can be found below.

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These are numbers taken of actual shooting incidents where they knew the ammunition used. They only took into account center of mass shots, disregarded limb shots that would have affected the study due to inaccuracy of the shot placement. I think its a good guideline to decide what caliber and brand to go by, also the projectile diameter, weight and speed. Why worry too much about 1-shot stops…you usually have at least 6 rounds, and even with something as underpowered as a.

Of course, that's the problem isn't it — most people even cops can't reliably put 3 shots where they want them. Here is another comparing 9mm vs.

Stopping Power Chart

That is a pretty interesting table My first impression is that it either uses cherry-picked data or there are some confounding variables that remains unaccounted for. I find it odd that some of the bullets which have a both higher velocity and higher mass and thus momentum give a smaller 1-shot stop percentage.

Does the book contain more than a raw data chart, or does it contain data upon which a statistical analysis has been run? Processed data is a lot more useful than raw data, as long as the processing is honest. Exit wounds are good; in the chest cavity they can collapse the lungs, another means of stopping an assailant; but very much remaining velocity is kinetic energy either wasted on the landscape beyond, or endangering innocents that might be downrange which is why you use hollow points, not FMJ.

I carry a 9mm with ammo Cor-Bon gr. Hey, in cougar country I carry a. People are easy to stop.

marshall and sanow stopping power chart

The U. Border Patrol decided in the s that FPE was minimum handgun performance for their agents to carry. A good 9mm bullet at fps or better that will expand and fragment is far better than any. These data are clearly meaningless.When this occurs, I have used the figures from the most recently dated publication. Many thanks to the following publications, people, and organisations for the actual figures, and much of the information about handgun stopping power provided by this site:.

It seems obvious that a bullet that strikes a hand, leg, arm or foot, will almost certainly never bring about instantaneous incapacitation. Secondly, a successful one-shot stop occurring in the neck or head owes its success to shot placement, rather than calibre or bullet design. Multiple hits have to be discarded.

We are interested in the effect of a single bullet. Again it is obvious that multiple shots will be more effective, however it is impossible to determine some measure of bullet performance based on multiple shots. In addition, some of the following information must have been available: police reports, evidence technician reports, homicide reports, autopsy results, and photos among other things.

In addition, the actual recovered bullets or photographs of the bullets must have been available for examination. Read the book - you'll find out that their method of estimating is the most thorough and likely to represent reality as you could possible get. Reality shows that frequently the estimated figure turns out to be a little below the actual figure when it becomes available. In each case the bullets known performance on the street is compared to the performance in the ballistic gelatine.

The results allow a new bullets street effectiveness to be estimated based on its performance in ballistic gelatine. The correlation coefficients for each area of bullet performance in ballistic gelatine with actual street results are:. The correlation coefficient for penetration is The correlation coefficient is 0. Permanent crush cavity volume.

Temporary crush cavity volume. Of course, the closer each correlation coefficient is to 1. In practise, Marshall and Sanow's method has shown itself to be very accurate, and has become the standard by which many bullet manufacturers and knowledgeable publications compare and estimate new bullets performance.

All rights reseved by Marshall and Sanow.One of our e-mail correspondents wrote to Guns and Shooting Online wondering if the stopping power argument between Martin Fackler and Evan Marshall is framed by their perspectives. He opined that Fackler is at heart a scientist, comfortable with set methodology, whereas Marshall essentially started his compilation with a theory to prove.

And he went on to suggest that Guns and Shooting Online embark on a handgun stopping power test regimen. The latter is a frequent request, so I decided to answer in the form of the article that you are now reading.

First of all, I'm not so sure that Marshall and Sanow started by attempting to prove a particular theory. I think it more likely that the results of his study led Marshall to certain conclusions. We have considered doing a series of handgun stopping power tests for a long time. If you want to look at the results of handgun bullets hitting various test media, they have already done that and the results are widely available.

I think that, regardless of the flaws in their statistical analysis, Marshall and Sanow 's basic approach is far more realistic: examine what actually happened when real bullets hit real people. Police shooting statistics provide a data base that is far more valuable than all the ballistic gelatin ever mixed. It represents real world results as opposed to theory. The other study that impressed me was the Strasbourg goat shoot.

Unlike the Marshall and Sanow study it did not involve actual human beings. However, living, bleeding animals the same size and with the same lung capacity as humans were shot under carefully controlled and instrumented!

Could You Survive Three M16 Bullets to the Chest?

The results of that grizzly series of tests tended to verify the results of Marshall and Sanow, not the theoretical work of Martin Fackler and the FBI. An example: the FBI's analysis of their famous shoot out in Miami was so flawed that they blamed the 9x19 and. On what basis? There were no 10mm pistols involved, and the agent who ended the gunfight by killing the final perp did so with a.

marshall and sanow stopping power chart

His crucial contribution was that he aimed his. His testimony afterward makes that very clear. The other agents were in "pray and spray" mode. They could have been praying and spraying with 10mm pistols and it would have made no difference: you can't miss fast enough to win a gunfight.

The obvious conclusion should have been that the. The best way to have solved the problem for future gun fights would be to have drastically raised the standards of FBI marksmanship training. But the FBI brass did not want to acknowledge the flaws in their training program, and many agents would have been unable to qualify if the standards were raised to gunfight winning levels, so they took it out on the equipment the agents used to miss the perps.

Tests in ballistic gelatin were very useful in helping the FBI reach their desired conclusion. A perfect example of impeccable scientific methodology totally divorced from reality.

If I ever feel threatened by a block of gelatin, I will become a serious student of Dr. Fackler's research results.

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In any case, though, I don't think that Guns and Shooting Online has the resources to make a meaningful scientific contribution to this debate.Place single or multiple bets at your bookmaker.

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marshall and sanow stopping power chart

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All is well now with just one playoff loss.The Kings are hoping for a better outcome after their 101-95 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in their last matchup. Zach Randolph led Sacramento in scoring with 18 points on 8-for-20 shooting.

The last time the Pelicans played, they defeated the Denver Nuggets, 123-114. The Pelicans had a free throw rate of 0. DeMarcus Cousins was the top scorer from either team with 40 points on 12-for-25 shooting.

The sweet-shooting offense of New Orleans will go head-to-head against the porous defense of Sacramento. The Pelicans currently rank fifth in effective field goal percentage (0.

The Pelicans should have the edge on that end of the court. Sacramento heads into the game with records of 7-17 straight up (SU) and 10-11-3 against the spread (ATS). Meanwhile, New Orleans owns records of 13-12 SU and 14-11 ATS.

Vegas tends to place the total low when the Pelicans are involved, as 56. Both teams have had a player take their game to the next level over their last five games. This is the second game of the season between these two teams. In the first, Cousins scored a game-high 41 points and the Pelicans beat the Kings 114-106, covering as 1-point underdogs. He also recorded 23 rebounds and six assists. The game finished with a total of 220 points, which was 16 points above the projected point total of 204 points.

New Orleans had a much better offensive rebounding percentage (25. New Orleans ranks second in assists per game (26. The Pelicans rank 12th in three pointers attempted per game (30. Sacramento ranks third in points off turnovers allowed per game (15. The Kings rank 10th in steals per game (8. New Orleans ranks second in points in the paint per game (51.

The Kings rank 12th in fast break points allowed per game (10. New Orleans averages 12. Sacramento ranks 15th in second chance points allowed per game (12. During their last five games, the Pelicans have scored an average of 114. Tags New Orleans Pelicans Sacramento KingsThe Creighton Bluejays (6-2) matchup against the Nebraska Cornhuskers (7-3) at CenturyLink Center Omaha on Saturday night.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys (7-1) welcome the No.

ET on Friday, December 8 on NBC Sacramento Kings vs. At home, New Orleans is 6-6 ATS with 7 overs and 5 unders. Sacramento is 3-2 when they allow below 100 points, while New Orleans is 4-0. When scoring over 100 points, the Kings are 4-4 and the Pelicans are 11-7.

New Orleans ranks 14th in rebounds per game (44. The Kings rank fifth in blocks allowed per game (4. Bettings Trends: In their last five games, Sacramento is 3-1-1 ATS with 4 overs and 1 under.

New Orleans is 2-3 ATS with 5 overs over their last five games.

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